Become a virtual Parent

All of us have a special place in our hearts for senior dogs who have lived their entire life on the streets and deserve a place they could actually call their home or even dogs who have been denied a second chance at life. Through our Adopt from home Initiative, you can virtually adopt one of our senior or special dogs and sponsor their upkeep.

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Who is a Virtual Parent

Wagging Tales Foundation is the home of many senior as well as special dogs who cannot be left back on the streets.

A Virtual Parent is someone who wishes them to adopt remotely and pay a monthly token for their upkeep. They are welcome to come and visit their #Adoptedfromhome animal at our Recovery Center any day from 2 pm to 5 pm.

How to be a Virtual Parent

Being a Virtual Parent is easy. As soon as any new rescue comes to our Center who are unfit to be released back on the streets, the details of the animal are made live on the website. 

You can choose any dog / cat from the list who has not found any virtual parent yet. You can either sponsor the upkeep of the entire animal or you can share the expenses with another co-parent.

You can reach out to us with the details of the animal you wish to Virtually adopt on our Instagram.

Adopt from home

You can click the button below to see a list of animals that have not found their Virtual parent yet. You can choose to sponsor any animal you like.

Click on “Virtually adopt this animal” wherein you will be asked a few basic details and you can choose to be the sole Virtual Parent or a co-parent.