recovery Center

History & Evolution

WTF Recovery Center was started on October 2021 with the sole motive of having all our rescued animals under one roof. As the word spread about our recovery center cum medical boarding, we started serving the dual purpose of being a recovery & rehabilitation center for sick and injured animals as well as a hospital.

From carrying out medical treatment to minor surgeries, performing ABC surgeries to housing paralyzed animals, from isolated container house for contagious diseases to offering boarding facilities, our rescue center provides it all.

The Paralyzed Section

Not late but since our rescue center started operating, we received around 3 calls per day on an average for paralyzed cases.

We realized the emerging necessity to have a section specially built for paralyzed dogs in order to provide them comfort while laying down or dragging themselves and avoid bed sores in addition to providing them with customized wheel cart and red lamp therapy as and when required.

Infectious Unit

With the increase in fatal diseases such as Distemper & Parvo and how contagious they are, very few medical units can risk admitting them as they require constant medical attention and hygiene. 

Wagging Tales Foundation has an in-house isolated container house for keeping dogs infected with Distemper & Parvo separately. 

Medical Unit

Our Rescue Center being situated in Ghitorni, touching the borders of Gurgaon, the local people dont have access to prope vet facilities. Ghitorni, being a village area, the pet parents cannot afford the vet fees of a multi-specialty pet care hospital.

Our rescue center also runs a medical unit to help these pet parents avail of all vet facilities at nominal charges. Due to our long term admission facility, we receive a lot of cases from Gurgaon, Faridabad and PAN Delhi.

Meet & Greet

Our Recovery Center houses 150-200 animals at any instance of time. Our adoption drives are conducted from our Center itself. We welcome people to visit our Center and have a Meet & Greet with pups who are up for adoption at the moment. 

We also welcome people to have a meet & greet with their dogs / cats who are undergoing treatment at our recovery center.

Contact info

Recovery Center: Farm No 7, Road No 1, Silver Oak Farms, Ghitorni, New Delhi – 110030

Contact: +91 8777046461