It dates back to 2016 with the sudden demise of Usain, the beloved Great Dane of our Founder (2021 – Present), Mrs. Malabica Chakraborty which resulted her into imagining the lives of those ownerless animals living by the streets having the uncertainty of at least one proper meal a day.

She started feeding her colony dogs and adjacent areas, which went from 3 in number to 30 in a span of 3 weeks. The sight of animals living on the bare minimum, finding their source of food in the garbage dumps, drinking from the drain became unbearable for her. She took more animals under her care and started her journey as an individual rescuer.

She started medically treating animals, initiated ABC campaigns, started vaccination drives & adopted them who were unfit to live on the streets.

She started to fundraise locally and her small initiative grew by leaps and bounds and there were 140+ animals under her individual care by the end of 2019.

Unending Compassion

Her infinite compassion towards animals made her adopt 12 Indies, most of them are special cases and one of them is a survivor of severe animal cruelty case. You can read his story here.

She gave a chance to every single ownerless animal that have been deprived of the basic necessities of life such as freedom, liberty and were either neglected or abused.

Read their rescue & success stories here.

Covid 19 hit

Then came Covid 19 followed by a complete lockdown across the country. Our feeding spots grew tremendously as we literally saw animals starve to death. Our feeding count increased from 250 to 450+ in no time.

We continued our operations with limited supply as there were came a shortage of vet hospitals, discontinued ABC operations by MCD, negligible supply of food to the strays living on remote areas.

All this made Mrs. Malabica to meet & collaborate with one of her old colleague, Mrs. Mansi Rautela to join hands and operate together.

Thus, Wagging Tales Foundation was born and began its operations as a registered Charity since October 2020. 

Recovery Center

Wagging Tales Foundation started it’s Rescue & Rehabilitation cum Recovery Center on October 2021 to provide a common roof to all of their rescues. 

From bringing in rescues to running ABC campaigns, from providing a shelter to animals who are unfit to live on the streets to having a separate place for Paralyzed dogs to running an animal dispensary for the locals within the Center,  WTF has come a long way long.