ABC Campaigns

All our ABC surgeries take place in the Wagging Tales Foundation Recovery Center situated in Ghitorni, New Delhi. Our main motivation was to cater regions beyond the service areas of Delhi Municipal Corporation or in rural village areas where there are negligible to no sterilization Initiatives leading to an increased growth of animal population and outbreak of diseases like Parvo.

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WTF ABC Initiative

Wagging Tales Foundation have been involved actively in operating ABC Initiatives across Delhi NCR. We have been working closely with the locals to conduct ABC drives in the remote of areas and have successfully sterilized over 300+ dogs & 15+ cats in the last 1 year.

All our ABC surgeries are done at a nominal cost and WTF handles everything from blood test to surgery, post operative care & anti-rabies vaccination.

Our ABC service is also extended to people who want their community dogs / cats sterilized without incurring too much high cost. 

Send your community animal

Wagging Tales Foundation has extended its ABC program to the citizens who want their community animals to be sterilized. From surgery to post operative  care, WTF will take care of everything.

Kindly fill the form by clicking on the below button if you want us to conduct an ABC drive in your area.

To reduce overhead costs as that of a multi-speciality vet hospital and to engage more people in knowing the benefits of neutering their pets, we also offer our ABC program to pet owners at affordable rates.

Sponsor our ABC Campaigns

We have successfully completed sterilizing over 100+ dogs & 7 cats since the beginning of our Recovery Center on October 2021.

Most of our ABC campaigns are requested by people living on remote areas or areas outside the serviceable regions of Delhi Municipal Corporation. Most of them don’t have the bare minimum to pay for their surgery or ambulance transportation.

In those cases, we have to rely on public donations. If you would like to sponsor our ABC Campaign, kindly donate to our cause by clicking the button below.