Sponsor a Meal Initiative

Wagging Tales Foundation feeds over 550+ animals on everyday basis including 150 animals that are housed at our recovery center. Our feeding spots have grown tremendously post lockdown and we need your support to provide at least one proper meal per animal that we feed. Our staff works tirelessly at our rescue center to ensure every animal is properly fed and taken care of. Every contribution counts !

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Donate in our Foodraiser

Our feeding spots are disbursed primarily in South, Central & West Delhi and adjacent areas totalling a number close to 550 animals on a day to day basis.

It takes 500 INR to sponsor a dog’s meal for the entire month. It takes us 3,00,000 INR to feed all our Indies for the entire month.

Consider donating to our Foodraiser. Every contribution counts !

Sponsor a meal at our Center

At any instance of time , our Recovery Center holds close to 150 dogs & cats. You can sponsor an entire day’s feeding at our Recovery Center.

It costs 3000 INR to sponsor an entire day’s feeding for all our dogs & cats at the Center.

Sponsor on Occasions

Compassion is a Choice

Be it your Birthday or be it in the remembrance of your beloved pet, you can always open your arms for compassion towards our Indie furries and sponsor them for a day.

You can either sponsor an entire day’s feeding for all our dogs & cats at our Recovery Center, or help us with a one-time donation. 

In case of donations in kind, kindly reach us through Instagram or mail us at admin@waggingtalesfoundation.org