Vaccination Drives

Why are vaccinations important?

Timely vaccinations are of extreme importance as they hold the potential to protect dogs from highly contagious and infectious diseases such as Distemper & Parvo which holds a fatality rate of 70-80%

Yearly anti-rabies vaccines are also given as unvaccinated dogs are open to induce rabies which unfortunately has no treatment, but slow death.

Sponsor a vaccine

Wagging Tales Foundation vaccinates almost 700+ dogs annually, majority of which belongs to our feeding grounds in South & Central Delhi.

All the dogs that land at our Recovery Center for treatment or ABC purpose are given Anti-Rabies,  provided they are completely fit and healthy with the hope of a Rabies free World.

It takes INR 600 to vaccinate 1 dog against 9-in-1 ( DHPPiL ) and anti-rabies vaccine.

Want your dog to get vaccinated?

If you want us to vaccinate your community dogs, reach out to us by filling the form below or mail us at