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Donating within India?

Stray animals needs your help to survive. Your donation ensures that all sick, injured or abondoned animals are taken care of and everybody is well fed and medically taken care of.

Every year, we rescue & save hundreds of animals, provide shelter to old & ownerless animals and your donation makes it possible.

If you are donating from India, click the link below to donate in INR.

Donating from outside India?

Your generous donation will be utilized towards saving more sick & injured animals and providing a home to those who are unfit to live on the streets & ensure they are taken care of and well fed.

Kindly fill the donation form below to make a contribution.

Other ways to donate?

Looking for other ways to Donate?

You can donate using Cheque, Paypal and also directly through our QR code. You can also donate in kind.

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